"Hi, i'm Grimace! Welcome to my game!"

- Take control of Grimace, the purple blob thing, as you take on many enemies in search of the Happy Meal.
- Throw Big Macs at your enemies, including the Hamburglar, the evil pennywise clown and...ghosts?
- Fully rendered cutscenes help tie some loose ends in the story! ...somewhat.
- Use the Happy Meal to power up and take on the final boss!
- When all is said and done, tune in to a special announcement from the creator!

Grimace. was created as a joke game, disguised as Potato game. Three for April Fools Day. This installer contains 2 versions:

The current version of Grimace.
The original "Disguised" version made for AFD.

This game supports Windows 95 and higher.

Download Grimace.

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