It's a potato game where you potate

WARNING: This game contains potatoes, ghosts, Michael Velociraptor, Dr. PINGAS, and a stupid pirate. You have been warned.

I made this game using an old 90's engine called Klik & Play, and I recompiled it using ANOTHER 90's game engine, called The Games Factory, to give the game support for 64-bit systems.

Too times the fun.

Too times the challenge.

Too times the potato.

WARNING: This game contains potatoes, ghosts, space, PINGAS guards, and a stupidly big file size. You have been warned.

Potato game. Too! is (obviously) a sequel to Potato game. (if you haven't already played the first one, do it now) It was created ENTIRELY using The Games Factory, Klik & Play's sucessor. This is probably my biggest project yet, and it shows. (i mean come on, LOOK AT THAT FILE SIZE) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

- 1 life

- No continues

- Same health throughout all bosses


This is a collection of the bosses from Potato game. and Potato game. TOO! I put together specifically for this collection.

This is a demo of Potato game. THREE! In this demo, you can play the first stage, Green HELL Zone, and fight the first boss.

(Potato game. Three has been released. Click here to view the game's webpage!)

These games support Windows 95 and higher.

Download Potato game. Value Pack

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