Potato game. Three! may be the most intense Potato game. you will ever play.

- Built from the ground up, this Potato game. is truly like no other!

- Scream your way through 6 potating levels, including Green HELL Zone, Oven Street and Nostalgia Zone!

- Battle it out with the likes of Oven, Protegent, and even... Murray?!

- References to other Potato games (could) make this the ultimate potato nostalgia trip!

Can the Screaming Potato Head save the world from...whoever is attacking?!

This is my biggest project yet, and i'm happy to finally get this game out for the world to see. Even if it's just about a potato screaming his lungs out at literally everything. This may be the last game in the Potato game. Series, so I hope you enjoy this thrilling conclusion.

This game supports Windows 95 and higher.

Download Potato game. Three

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